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Emergency Rain Alert

Emergency Rain Alert Image

The AstroAlert Emergency Rain Alert (ERA) sends a signal to your Shutter or Roof controller to cause an internal alert to that equipment. On AstroMC controllers, this signal causes an immediate shutter or roof closure and also provides a software based signal allowing shutdown scripts and text message alerts.

For our roof customers who do not have adequate OTA clearance for a closing roof, we recommend that you also take advantage of our SafeLoop circuit to assure the scope is safe before closing. This is a hardware safety interlock, not involving software. The downside is that the rain may damage your equipment. So we recommend a configuration where the hardware signal from the EMR trigger a software based script (BeforeClose Script) that can park your scope before closing the roof.

The ERA is standalone in that it requires no controller of its own, communications cable or PC software.

The unit comes in two models-- one with physical plug for our dome shutter controller, the other with pigtails for integration into our roof controller or any other system that expects a normally open (NO) state. The unit requires 12 VDC, typically suppied via the controller board.

Basic security for your big investment.

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