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The AstroAlert Weather Monitor System is a uniquely configurable weather monitor, engineered specifically for observatory use. The base unit supplies:

- Precipitation (rain or snow) detection. Integrated heater to speed moisture removal

- Ambient light awareness (Day, Dim, Darkness pending).

- Infrared sky temperature measurement, which is the most reliable measure of impending precipitation. When clouds gather the sky temperature rises, indicating rain may not be far behind

- Ambient outside temperature/humidity/dew point.

An anemometer to measure wind speed can be added at any time (now included).

All the weather data is available via ASCOM compliant interface and is displayed in full on the AstroMC Dome and Roof Control windows, AstroAlert Driver Control window, and the ACP Web interface. Weather UNSAFE is communicated to telescope control programs for further (scriptable) actions. We support the "one-line Boltwood II format" for integration with CCD Commander or CCD Autopilot.

Both Day and Dark Cloudy and Very Cloudy thresholds are user configurable within the driver.

AstroAlert is designed for monitoring observatory safety. It provides a simple, cost effective Safe/Unsafe indication.

Comes with a 25' cable and Mini-Hub with a USB interface.

Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 10.

The controller requires 12 VDC adapter with a 2.1 mm plug, sold here. Or you can use a 2.1 mm plug to your observatory common 12 VDC power (Center is Positive 12VDC). Or you can use provided screw terminals.

We are experiencing a 4 week backlog at this time. Please be patient.

AstroGraph compatible: a multi-featured optional graphing capability (shown here) for your weather data. Download this software and watch the weather trends in real time.

Your Price:$650.00
Weight:1.500 lbs